This is our Maternity Care FAQ Page, if you are looking for information about our OB/GYN Program please visit our OB/GYN FAQ.  For more questions and support please reach out to

Do I have to become a CHC member to receive maternity care?


If I am a current CHC member and need maternity care, is my regular MemberCare paused during pregnancy?

CHC MemberCare is for primary care needs whereas maternity care is specialized. CHC Maternity Care is separate from regular primary care, therefore, MemberCare continues during pregnancy.

What if I want to pause my MemberCare until my baby is born?

CHC does not have a “paused” status for MemberCare. If you terminate MemberCare during pregnancy and want to re-enroll later there is a $300 re-enrollment fee to do that.

What is the cost of CHC Maternity Care?

The bundled cost for the maternity care services provided by CHC is $3,000 for a single pregnancy. Hospital fees are billed to patients separate from the CHC Maternity Care fee.

Does CHC Maternity Care cover fees if I am referred to a specialist outside of CHC?

No. Fees for services provided, prescribed or ordered by non-CHC personnel are not included in CHC Maternity Care. We will make every effort to inform you about fees associated with referrals.

What services are included in the CHC Maternity Care fee?

CHC Maternity Care bundles all of the prenatal office visits, routine OB labs, ultrasounds, labor and delivery, and six weeks of postpartum care. For CHC members, our pediatrician will also come to the hospital to check on your baby. If you are not a CHC member and do not have a pediatrician but would like an in-hospital visit from our pediatrician, you may request it and have it noted in your patient record. Repeats of labs or tests will be billed separately from the maternity fee. Fees for additional ultrasounds provided by CHC for specific clinical indications will not be charged to maternity care patients. Ultrasounds for determining the sex of the baby, producing a parental keepsake, or viewing the baby without a clinical indication will incur an additional charge.

When is payment due?

Once pregnancy has been confirmed and gestational age determined by our office, the full $3,000 fee is assessed. We offer a $100 discount for full payment at that time. Otherwise, the $3,000 fee is divided into three payments. $700 is due at your first OB appointment with Dr. Madison. $800 is due at the time of the anatomical ultrasound and the remaining $1,500 is due seven (7) days following delivery.

Does CHC accept insurance?

No, however we will provide a detailed, coded invoice which you can submit to your insurer for reimbursement.

Can I pay the maternity care fee with HSA, HRA or FLEX spending accounts?

Yes. The IRS considers the maternity care fee a qualified medical expense.

Does CHC work with patients who belong to cost sharing ministries, e.g., Samaritan Ministries, Medi-Share, Christian Healthcare Ministries?

Yes. We will complete any required forms and provide a detailed invoice for you to submit to your cost sharing organization.

Is the maternity fee reduced if I experience a miscarriage or stillbirth?

When such an unfortunate event occurs, we grieve the loss with you and do not wish to add to your pain. If you miscarry or stillbirth prior to the anatomy ultrasound, there will be a prorated refund. The amount of the refund will depend on how many visits were made, what tests were conducted, what services were rendered, and the exact amount of money paid by the patient. If a stillbirth occurs after the anatomy ultrasound, there may be a prorated refund. Exceptions may be granted at CHC’s discretion.

If I enter into maternity care late in pregnancy (i.e., after 24 weeks) is there a reduction in the maternity care fee?

No. Entering into care late in pregnancy means doctors have to catch up on some of the lab testing and other aspects of prenatal care you and your baby need. An alternative payment plan will be formatted on a case-by-case basis for patients who initiate maternity care after the first trimester.

When can I schedule my first maternity care appointment?

We want to see moms in the office starting at 7-10 weeks of pregnancy, with the initial visit for confirmation of pregnancy and an ultrasound to determine gestational age. If you are a CHC member, this initial visit is included in MemberCare at no additional cost. Non-CHC members will be charged $200 for this visit.

If I have received some prenatal care in another city or office, can I transfer into maternity care at CHC?

Yes. We will request medical records documenting the prenatal care you have received and continue with your care through the rest of the pregnancy.

What happens if I transfer my care to another office during pregnancy?

Upon your written request for records, information will be transferred to the new office and our doctors are available to brief your new obstetrician about your pregnancy.

If I transfer maternity care to another office does CHC reduce the maternity fee?

If you decide to transfer care to another provider prior to 36 weeks, there may be a prorated refund. The amount of the refund will depend on how many visits were made, what tests were conducted, what services were rendered, and the exact amount of money paid by the client. If the transfer of care occurs after 36 weeks there will be no refund. Exceptions may be granted at CHC’s discretion.

Does CHC offer labor and delivery only services?


At which hospitals do CHC doctors deliver babies?

Women enrolled in CHC Maternity Care will be delivered at Spectrum Health Butterworth campus.

Will CHC provide prenatal care if I plan to deliver at home or at a non-hospital birthing center?

No. To ensure the quality and continuity of maternity care, CHC maternity services are not available for mothers who plan home or non-hospital birthing center deliveries.

What is the CHC Maternity Care fee if I am pregnant with more than one baby?

Caring for moms with twins or multiple pregnancies involves our doctors providing additional care. Typically, in an insurance-based practice, multiple births are billed between 50% and 100% of the regular physician fee schedule for each additional birth. CHC’s fee for multiple births is $5,000, regardless of the delivery method.